What’s On


40 Days for Life Campaign

There will a 40 Days for Life Campaign, a peaceful prayer outreach in Brighton, commencing Wednesday, 23rd September to Sunday, 1st November.  Please click on the attached link for more information.  Thank you.

Brighton 40 days notice

Pilgrimage of Reparation & Prayer for Sanctity of Life, Walsingham

There will be a day of prayer at Walsingham which can be live-streamed on Sunday, 27th September.  Please click attached link for more information.  Thank you.


Weekly Podcasts by Bishop Richard

Bishop Richard has been producing a weekly podcast during our time of lockdown. Please go to the Diocesan website to view the latest.


Mass Online

See the Mass Online page where more links have been added in order to view Mass around the world – England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, America, Australia, the Philippines… it’s all there!

Alone Together

This is a very interesting online podcast website giving you “A Guide to Isolation and Social Distancing from those who Know” produced by a Benedictine Monk, Fr Christopher Jamison, now based at Douai Abbey in Reading but previously, the Abbot of Worth Abbey in East Sussex. There are some very useful and thought-provoking guidelines which are worth watching! https://www.alonetogether.org.uk