Temporary Change to Saturday Mass Time

Mass on Saturday evenings will change temporarily from 5.30pm to 4.30pm from 25th September to 16 October whilst Fr Max is on holiday. Sundays will remain the same at 10.00 a.m.

Congratulations to Fr Max

Fr Max was officially inducted at Parish Parish of our parish.  He has been warmly welcomed by all the parishioners and has settled in very quickly.  Although we will be merging with the Chichester parish in the future, Fr Max will be with us to ensure a smooth transition.  It is a big task merging a parish which involves a lot of careful administration.  The official decree of the merger is due to be made by the Bishop in September and from then on, very slowly will the merging of various parish activities and administration begin.

Hospital pastoral care in Chichester

If  you know of anyone who is going to be admitted at St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester, please contact St. Richard’s Catholic Church in advance, informing them of all the details name of patient, what parish they belong to, if they are a practising or lapsed catholic wanting willing to receive sacraments etc.   Informing the priests at St Richard’s (01243 782343)  in advance will make pastoral care of the sick easier for everybody.

Heating System

The installation of our new Heating System is going to start very soon. This project was planned several years ago and has suffered many delays. This is a major expenditure item for the parish – the original quote was about £20,000. Through fundraising and careful housekeeping we were able to reserve this amount in the parish accounts. We are still holding this amount and the parish will be able to purchase the new system.

Due to Covid, our Church was closed for several months last year and we still have reduced numbers attending every weekend.  We have been unable to fundraise until this summer or hire out our Hall. It has been a difficult year and the quote has now increased by 10% and we have had to commission a new survey. Also, our Health & Safety survey, which runs on a three-year cycle, could not be carried out until this year.

Once the new electric heating is installed, the bills for electricity will rise during the cold season. Would any parishioners be able to consider making a donation towards the heating system?

Fr Max is anxious that the parish account does not go overdrawn and we then have to pay interest charges. He is also aware of how generous and supportive you have all been over the last two years and also that many families are coping with the financial impact of Covid but if you can help at all, it would be very much appreciated. Please put your donation in an envelope and either place it in the basket with your offering or put it through the Presbytery letterbox.  With grateful thanks from Fr Max.

Church Hall Now Open for Hire

Do you need a place for meetings or regular weekly classes? Why not hire our Hall? It is now open, having been thoroughly cleaned and maintained in accordance with Covid-19 guidelines. For further details contact Cathy on 07951 601493.

An Invitation to Return to Mass  

May we invite all parishioners, friends and visitors who, due to Covid-19 restrictions, were self-isolating and unable to come to Mass, to think about returning to Mass when you can.  We know that some people may be feeling a little nervous and it takes time to adjust.  If it helps,  they may wish to consider attending Mass on a weekday to begin with, now that we have Mass available every day.  Do encourage others to return to Church, please tell them we are open and we are missing  them.

Latest Deanery Newsletter

Deanery Newsletter Autumn 2021

The Catholic Union of Great Britain (CUGB)  

This is a lay organisation, set up in 1870, that aims to represent Catholic values and interests in Parliament and public life, present them to key decision makers who determine legislation and social policy, and speak out on issues that affect the freedom of Catholics to live according to their conscience.   CUGB is seeking a volunteer from each parish church to join their Supporter Parish scheme.  All they want is for someone to join their mailing list so that they can email you with information to share with the Parish.  St Richard’s is already a member of the Scheme, but someone from Selsey is needed as a contact person for our Church.  No cost is involved.  For more information, please ask Fr Max.

Parish Merger Update

Preparatory work on the merging of the four churches – Chichester, Bosham, the Witterings and Selsey – into a single canonical parish has begun. Activities currently in progress include:

• Canon Tom Treherne and Deacon Jon Harman are considering possible remits and Terms of Reference for future whole-parish teams.

• Finance implications are being investigated with the Diocese.

• Possible names for the new parish are being discussed.

• Guidance from Bishop Richard on timescales for the canonical merger and other changes is awaited.

The Gift of a Mass Offering

Offering a Mass for someone is a most precious and special gift.  Why not offer someone a Mass for their needs or private intentions? There are many graces granted to us when Masses are said for us or for others. Mass Offering envelopes are now available in the Church Porch. Simply fill in the details on the front of the envelope, provide an offering and hand it in. It couldn’t be simpler. There, at Holy Mass, Jesus awaits in His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity to come to us and we have the privilege of attending Mass at 10.00 a.m each day (except Saturdays at 5.30 p.m). Why not come along?

Supporting our Parish Financially

Thank you for continuing to support our parish.  Your support is very much appreciated, especially so in the absence of our usual fundraising events and lack of income from the letting of the hall.   Please call Nell Collins (01243 607526) if you are considering setting up a Standing Order for your weekly contributions, or if you would like information about the Gift Aid sceme.

The Presbytery Porch Open for Food Bank Donations
The Presbytery Porch remains open for all food donations for the Chichester Food Bank.

ALL DONATIONS will be welcome. Thank you.

Welcomers and Cleaners Needed

Welcomers and Cleaners are still required to help us with opening the Church for quiet prayer within the legal criteria.  You must be under the age of 70 and free of underlying health conditions for these roles.  Please contact Cathy Long 07951 601493.

Anyone seeking Baptism for their child should telephone the Selsey Presbytery on 01243 602312 and leave a message with contact details.
Attending Mass 

Booking for Mass is no longer required.  However, it  is very important as a “track and trace” process  that we should retain contact information should  anyone contract Covid-19.

Please note that Mass books will not be available and toilet facilities are open but restricted at present. The Offertory Collection will not be taken during Mass but you are asked to place your donation in the basket on the table by the side door near the altar, as you leave the Church. Facemasks are compulsory. Hand Sanitiser is provided and you must use it please when you enter and leave the Church.


Following the Government’s instructions,  FACE COVERINGS MUST BE WORN for the duration of the Mass, unless one is unable to do so for health reasons. There will be some disposable masks available should you forget to bring one.

Exiting the Church   

To comply with official guidelines, there is a one-way system for entering and existing the Church.  Please allow time for senior or disabled parishioners to leave without being rushed, but while still maintaining a 2m distance in the Church.  Your patience is appreciated.