The Finance Committee

According to the Canon Law of the Church, every Parish must form a Finance Committee.

Our Finance Committee manages the financial affairs of the Parish.  The committee advises on strategic financial planning, financial needs and fund-raising requirements (liaising with the Social and Fundraising Committee), and monitors accounts, approves budgets and ensures the buildings are kept in good repair.

The Parish Priest appoints its members from parishioners with appropriate knowledge, experience and commitment.  The committee meets approximately once every three months.

Members of the Finance Committee

Parish Priest – TBA (Chairman)
Nell Collins (Book-Keeper)
David Kennedy
Brendon Carney
Sally McCarthy
Mick McCarthy

Brendan Carney has special responsibility for church maintenance and Ian Purse is in charge of organising Gift Aid within the parish.

What is Gift Aid?

If you are a tax payer, the Gift Aid Scheme takes advantage of the tax law that enables a Registered Charity to reclaim the amount of tax which donors have paid to them. The Diocese of Arundel & Brighton (of which our Parish is a part) is a Registered Charity and we can therefore benefit from this rule.

How does it work?

To join the Scheme all you need to do is fill in a simple form and weekly place your donations in a numbered Gift Aid envelope that is provided to you. Donations are anonymous with the exception of the Gift Aid Co-Ordinator who confidentially records the donations each donor makes and submits a claim to HM Revenue & Customs (via the Diocesan Gift Aid Office) to reclaim the tax paid by every donor on their donations.  This claim is equivalent to one quarter of the donations made under the Scheme – it turns a donation of £1.00 into a benefit to our Church of £1.25.

Will this affect my tax position?

Entry to the Scheme will have no effect on your tax position, provided you pay an annual amount of tax at least equal to one quarter of the amount you give (in total to all charities) under the Gift Aid Scheme each year.

If you pay tax at the higher rates (40% or 50%) and enter the amount of Gift Aid paid in the tax year on your tax return, you could even enjoy a reduction in your tax liability!