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Why are we raising funds?

Our Church has been in need of comprehensive repairs to the roof for a number of years. A quick look up to the four corners of the ceiling  inside the church shows the areas where the rain has got in and where damp remains. This now needs urgent attention and patch repairs are not an option. Over time various small patch repair projects have been carried out resulting in some areas of the roof having as many as twelve layers of roofing felt as a hedge against leakage.   The bill will be in excess of £100,000 for the work and then of course there is on the ongoing maintenance of the Church and the heating boiler…(!)

So what is “The Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St Wilfrid’s Social and Fundraising Group”? What a mouthful… (Social and Fundraisers for short)

Well, we would like to think it’s everyone in the Parish; absolutely everyone can help even in a small way… can you help us, are you helping us?

We look forward to welcoming you to our meetings – they take place in the Church Hall  (mostly) on a monthly basis in the evening mid week. This is  where and when we discuss and plan our fundraising activities throughout the year.

Everyone in the Parish is welcome to attend – the more the merrier! All ideas are welcome and considered; most of our events  are pure fundraising activities as we really have a challenging task to raise funds for the Parish.  We find that coming together to plan our events is a social event in itself and once or twice a year we will plan an event that is purely a social event like last year’s Christmas Supper and this year we managed to combine fundraising and fun with our Quiz Night.

From recycling clothing to Spring/Summer/Christmas Fairs and Quiz Nights –  it’s all hands to the pumps to raise money to ‘literally’ keep a roof over our heads!

We always need help so why not come along to the meetings?  The next meeting is always listed in the Newsletter and we will make sure that it is now listed on the website Calendar. If you can’t come to the meeting or even if meetings are not your thing, then we would love to hear about your ideas or thoughts…

All Fundraising ideas are very welcome; why not let us have your ideas or comments via the contact form on the ‘Contact Us’ page or pop a note in to the Church – you could hand your  to Fr John or to one of the ladies at the Repository Shop at the back of Church?

We look forward to hearing from you.