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An Occasional Reminder!

Recent data protection laws prevent hospital staff automatically passing on a patient’s religious status to hospital chaplains unless a patient specifically asks that a chaplain be notified. It is always preferable to let the hospital chaplain know before you are admitted or, if you are admitted unexpectedly or in an emergency, to let the chaplain as soon as possible: the ward staff should be able to help.  Your hospital admission notes should record your religious status: if you are not sure it may be important to check.  

The Hospital Chaplaincy is there to bring spiritual comfort and support to patients and, when appropriate, to their family.  For Catholic patients in St. Richard’s Hospital and in St. Wilfrid’s Hospice (now relocated in Bosham), the chaplaincy support is provided from St. Richard’s Parish in Chichester.

A priest from the parish visits the hospital regularly and lay ministers of Holy Communion visit every Wednesday and Sunday with Holy Communion.  Please let St. Richard’s parish know if you or a relative would like your name on the visiting list: ring (01243) 782343 – or let Fr. John know, and he will pass on a message.

Parking in Front of the Church

The single white line painted on the side of the road in front of the Church is for ‘priority parking’ when the Church is in use – for the Selsey Venture Buss at the Sunday morning Mass; for hearses and limousines at funeral; for ambulances or other emergency vehicles when needed.  Please keep this space free for those entitled to use it.  Thank you.

Missionary Red Boxes

Those who have recently left their Missionary Box in the Porch to be emptied should be able to collect it again this weekend or next.  Proceeds from Red Boxes are forwarded to  Missio to help young Churches to fund their growth and development.  If anyone would like to have a Missionary Red Box at home, please see Fr John for more information.

Bags to the Future Collection

The next collection date for bags of unwanted goods – clothes, accessories, shoes, household fabrics – but not duvets or blankets – to be recycled will be on 1st October.  The Church Maintenance Fund will receive payment for items donated depending on the weight:  the more bags we collect the larger the cheque we will receive.  Please take as many “bags to the future” bags as you can fill.  Thank you.

Chichester District Foodbank

Now the summer holidays are upon us please remember families in and around Selsey who can’t afford to go away on holiday and, worse, will be unable to provide healthy and substantial meals for their children now that the schools are closed for the long holiday.  Our local Foodbank in Chichester needs to keep their shelves full in the coming weeks.  Please leave any donations in the special metal basket in the Church Porch.  Thank you.

Update on Church Building

The 2017 Quinquennial Report outlined some urgent work to be carried out.  Phase One of the programme of works has been completed.  This has included the removal of an old oil tank for the Church boiler (for health and safety reasons), the resurfacing of the Car Park, the re-fixing and repainting of the Church ceiling tiles and repointing of the Church tower, where there were serious cracks between the stones.  The whole of the outside of the Church has been power-washed and sprayed with a water-proof agent to prevent the porosity of the stonework.  More news on Phase Two coming soon.  Thank you for your continued financial support which has enabled the work to be done.

CAFOD Volunteer

Martin Brown – the Diocesan Representative for CAFOD – is looking for volunteers to help make CAFOD better known in each parish of the diocese.  A volunteer would help to promote the activities of CAFOD locally, this includes the twice yearly CAFOD Family Fast Day.  CAFOD is offering training and support and one may do as much or as little as they wish.  All are welcome.  Please contact CAFOD’s office on 01483 898866 or email: arundeland

Hospital Visits for the Sick

If you or a member of your family need to be in hospital, you might like to know that there is a Hospital Chaplaincy, which for Catholic patients in St Richard’s Hospital and St Wilfrid’s Hospice, the Chaplaincy support is provided from St Richard’s Parish in Chichester.  A priest from the parish visits the hospital regularly and lay Eucharistic Ministers visit every Wednesday and Sunday with Holy Communion.  Please let St Richard’s parish know if you or a relative would like your name on the visiting list.  Ring: 01243 782343 – or let Fr John know and he will pass on a message.  

Parish Information Leaflet

This leaflet is a brief summary of our Parish activities with a useful Contacts’ List  should you wish to join in or assist in Parish life.  Please click on the link: Parish Leaflet Final 13.04.18

Can You Help?

Please support our Church.  We need volunteers to help clean the Church at 10.00am on the first Saturday of the month.  All are welcome.

Available for Hire – Church Hall with small Kitchen 

We have a Church Hall that can seat up to 50 people with a small kitchen that has an electric cooker, plus the use of a free car park.

Please use our “Contact Us” page  to request further information or call Sylvia Gill, our Booking Secretary on 01243 605897.