“Lent invites us to grow in holiness and to explore the essence of our vocation to be holy. To be holy as God is holy. This is one of the central teachings of the Vatican Council, we are all called to holiness whatever our state in life (Lumen Gentium II).

Lent is a unique opportunity for all of us to understand the call of holiness by entering deeply into the mystery of our Baptism

St Peter Julian considered his Baptism, his birth (into new life). During this season we seek the grace of conversion. Turning away from the old self to being a new creation in Christ. If you can, reflect on the Rite of Baptism and see what it calls you too. It is the gateway through which we enter the Christin Life.

Remember the Easter Candle was lit for us at Baptism and will be lit for us at the end of our life to guid our way to the eternal Father.

Through Baptism we are immersed into the death and resurrection of Jesus, and we also receive every spiritual blessing, we participate in the divine nature. On Easter Day (Sunday), renewed and refreshed in body and soul we renew the reality of our baptism and baptismal promises.

We know we are fallen and wounded by sin. Therefore, we walk the pilgrim way of holiness by the examination of conscience, repentance and ongoing conversion.

The ashes on our forehead, and the disciplines of prayer, fasting and almsgiving are visible signs that we are penitent pilgrims, praying from our hearts: “Lord, I am a poor sinner”. Our goal is to gaze on Christ, for us that is eucharistically. That we may be renewed and refreshed in faith and grow in holiness. Look at his presence on the cross, in the Eucharist there you will see that He loves you.

As you make the Way of the Cross this Lent, you are loved and God’s mercy is reflected in the face of Jesus, who died on the cross to save us.

May his mercy bring renewed hope to you and our world, that we can live holy lives, and bring us to the joyful celebration of the Risen Lord on Easter Sunday.”

by Fr Peter Dowling, Provincial Superior, Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament.